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How A Man Can Find A Wife In 2020 – What About Dating Brides Overseas?

Well, I know why you are here. You want to know the answer to the old question, “Are mail order brides real or not.” I must say that there was a time when this question bothered me too. I wondered if this fairly archaic term still means the same nowadays, and found out that no, it is not. The world is changing, people are changing, but some things are forever, and the desire of men to find a hot, cute, soft, and feminine Women is one of them. So who is the modern Internet wife? Can one find a bride for sale? How to avoid bride scam? Well, I am the one who married one of these girls, and I will answer all these questions below.

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A family is the most important small social group. It has the greatest influence on every person born on Earth, and the thing is it is changing. A few centuries ago, there were established family roles, and very few people dare to violate the strict social rules. So, a Women was the queen of the hearth, and a man was a breadwinner. That is how things worked. The wealthier a guy was, the prettier girl he married, and it was fair, at least for that time. Nowadays, things, in particular, traditional gender roles and family roles are not as important as before.

Did this lead to any positive consequences? Yes and no. On the one hand, women became more confident, independent, all-around intellectually developed persons, and I believe that is fantastic. It is much more interesting to spend time with such a Women. But here is the funny thing: the number of divorces worldwide is constantly growing. I believe that this happens because of failed expectations: whatever people say, no matter how progressive they are, they still expect each other to play traditional roles and keep playing the new ones.

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So, all men can choose among a beautiful and pretty conservative housewife and a progressive, open-minded, smart, and intellectually developed person. I asked myself, why do I need to choose, considering that I can have both? That is how I started my research.

History of mail order brides

This type of relationship became popular in the times of gold rush. Contrary to popular belief, nobody made girls sell themselves: male gold diggers had a lot of things except wives, and girls placed their ads in the newspapers hoping that they will marry a rich man. A man could reply and purchase a wife. She came to him, and they lived happily ever after (not sure about this.) Soon, this became a popular trend which emerged in other countries as well.

In particular, ladies in some Asian countries, in particular, in Thailand became MOBs to marry a rich foreign man. Buying a bride was a normal thing – a wealthy guy opened a catalog and chose the hottest girl. He ordered her, and they got married. If they divorced, an agency would send another girl. This is the main reason why so many myths about MOBs are still strong today.

Nowadays, things are different. You cannot order someone from another country, but you can use the services that allow finding a bride overseas.

Myths about foreign wives

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Now you know more about the history of MOBs. Well, it is at least controversial. No wonder that people still believe in plenty of myths about these girls. Frankly, I was one of them. However, today I know which of them are true and which are not.

So here are some of the most popular stereotypes:

  • All these ladies are materialistic. Yes, some of them are. The thing is you can meet a materialistic girl in a bar in New Jersey, in a gallery in Washington or in the park in Berlin. Most of the MOBs do want to build a family. Most of them would also like to move to another country, but who cares, considering the fact that they are really seeking love?
  • She will break up right after she gets a green card. Well, it takes a long time to get it, so I doubt that women will live with someone they do not like for this long. At least, I did not meet such girls. Moreover, there are a lot of girls who marry guys from Australia, Europe, Canada, etc. As far as I know, there are no green cards there.
  • They are unhappy with men they marry, and men are unhappy too. In my opinion, happiness in marriage depends on spouses. I know couples who live happily despite all those cultural differences. I also met couples who hated each other even though they both were born in one city. In other words, I believe that you can be happy if you are ready to listen to your spouse and respects his or her views on life.

Is it safe to use dating sites for marriage?

That is the complex question. Yes and no. There are different bride services, and it is pretty hard to pick a really good one. I was lucky – the first random site I found turned out to be a trusted platform, but there is no guarantee that the same will happen to you.

Before everything I said stop you from searching for a perfect girlfriend, note that some top agencies and sites can really help you find tons of matches, make contacts, and even visit the country where you girlfriend lives.

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In the modern world (at least in most countries in the world) you can marry anyone you like. Of course, there are places where same-sex marriages are illegal, but we are not going to discuss this issue today. We are talking about female brides now, and the good news that you can marry a girl from any country. The only thing to keep in mind that you should be careful with giving your last name – for example, in Vietnam, a Women who changes her last name abroad cannot come back to the country.

So are mail order brides legit? Can you marry them in your county? Of course, they are, and of course, you do! Now let us speak about the places where guys looking for foreign wife can finally meet a Women of their dreams.

How do I pick and test sites?

I have seen good and awful dating sites. I have seen tons of fake profiles and thousands of hottest women ever. I was even lucky to date some of them. Still, I do know how to distinguish a good place to meet someone from scam.

So how do I test websites? I search for all the sites and pick the platforms that at least look okay. I join each of them. I contact women on each of them. I pay or join for free, depending on a company’s policy. After I spend there at least a month, I analyze every aspect, make conclusions, and share them with you!

So guys, feel free to read the reviews and ask any questions about the sites I have already reviewed. I hope my experience and researches will help you avoid bride scams and meet a Women of your dreams. And again, you cannot buy a Women online, but why do you need to do this? I believe that building a relationship is much more interesting thing to do!